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28th March 2022
First-Ever Epiko Regal NFTs Drop on OpenSea | Epiko Cards | Unique limited Edition NFTs launch

The most awaited Epiko Regal NFTs are here, with our new NFT Collection coming out on the 28th of March. The collection includes a total of 475 unique NFTs minted on the Polygon blockchain varying in rarity. Out of these 10% are reserved for our community and will be given to them in the upcoming Discord contest and Airdrops.

The launch on 28 March will be a collection of 4 NFTs in different categories:

  1. Saha - Common
  2. Veera - Rare
  3. Meghnath — Epic
  4. Kinnara — Ultraepic
Saha - Common#1

Introducing a 3D card for Saha, made on Polygon.

Saha — Epiko Regal NFT Collection

A smart and handsome warrior, his calmness is his strength. With one throw of his spear, Saha can pierce 100 trees together.

  • Drop Date: March 28th 2022, 12:00 am IST
  • Unit List Price: 0.05 ETH
  • Total Editions allocated for sale: 180 out of 200
  • Available On: OpenSea/EpikoRegal/Saha

Veera - Rare #1

Introducing a 3D card for Veera- The Lord of Fire created on Polygon.

Veera — Epiko Regal NFT Collection

With fire as his weapon and anger as his crown, no warrior wants to cross his path.

  • Drop Date: March 28th 2022, 12:00 am IST
  • Unit List Price: 0.06 ETH
  • Total Editions allocated for sale: 135 out of 150
  • Available On: OpenSea/EpikoRegal/Veera

Meghnath — Epic #1

This is a 3D card of Meghnath ‘The King of Thunders’ made on Polygon.

Meghnath — Epiko Regal NFT Collection

He is a notorious king hungry for power. When he comes hide yourself, no castle can save you from his thunderous spear.

  • Drop Date: March 28th 2022, 12:00 am IST
  • Unit List Price: 0.07 ETH
  • Total Editions allocated for sale: 65 out of 75
  • Available On: OpenSea/EpikoRegal/Meghnath

Kinnara — Ultraepic #1

Last but not least is a 3D card for Kinnara, made on Polygon.

Kinnara — Epiko Regal NFT Collection

Kinnara is a very keen centaur. She is beautiful yet wild, she is powerful yet untamed. With her axe and shield by her side, she can break even the strongest castles in her way.

  • Drop Date: March 28th 2022, 12:00 am IST
  • Unit List Price: 0.08 ETH
  • Total Editions allocated for sale: 45 out of 50
  • Available On: OpenSea/EpikoRegal/Kinnara

We offer a unique collection of NFTs, issuing limited editions for sale. Do not miss out on the opportunity to start your Epiko Card Collection. Become a part of Legends now!
How to Win Free Unique Epiko Regal NFT

On top of the many recent events and contests, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting an NFT Competition, Airdrop and a Giveaway too!

Please note that 1 member can only claim 1 NFT from all these contests.

NFT Airdrop - First 2 Discord members who reach ER Warrior Level 15 will win a Rare NFT card and the First 3 Discord members who reach ER Warrior Level 10 will win a Common NFT card by the 30th of April. So Join Discord and Level up to win an exclusive Epiko NFT Airdrop.

NFT Competition - From 1st to 30th of April the top 5 Players of Epiko Regal Battle Game will get 1 unique Epiko Card NFT. We will reset the Trophy cycle before the start of the competition, to give all players a fair chance to participate and win. The NFTs to be rewarded for this competition will be different from the above-listed ones.

NFT Easter Egg Hunt - The Easter egg scavenger hunt giveaway will take place from 13th April and entries will be open for a duration of 3 days. Out of all the entries, we will select 5 winners who will spot the easter eggs and they will be eligible for exciting prizes.

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