Get a glimpse of exciting new features and announcements of Epiko Regal!

28th Feb 2022

Hey Fam,
Wharf Street Studios is out with new updates for Epiko Regal. The February update comes with multiple changes and new additions to the Battle cards. Here’s all that is new with the update and is rolling out on both Android and iOS devices.


We have made the sign-in process smoother and hassle-free. Now you can sign in automatically without any error. We make sure that you get more time to play the game and enjoy it.

It is time to show a little more strategy and bond with your loyal subjects with a new feature of donating your cards in the Kingdom chat. This feature will make you popular as well as allow you to get extra space for adding up new cards for your upcoming quests. You can send up to 10 cards per request for each user in every 8 hours.

Thirdly, there are three awesome additions in quests:

  1. Buy Digital Toy
  2. Create your Kingdom and
  3. Reach Stadium level 5.
For every quest you accomplish you will be rewarded with Gems and Gold.

All New Kingdom Ranking Mechanics Logic: For rank 1-10 within the Kingdom: 55% of the cups are counted towards the kingdom Score. For rank 11-20: 30% of the cups are counted. For rank 21-30: 10% of the cups are counted. For rank 31-40: 8% of the cups are counted. For rank 41-50: 3% of the cups are counted.

Along with this all, 5 New cards are added on stadium level 4 and level 5 to enhance your gaming experience and to enjoy a more hand to hand battle experience with friends.


The 5 New Cards in the battle deck are as follows:

  1. Sampathi

  2. Sun God burnt his wings but not his will, a loving and fearless brother of Jatayu he is a protector of all. When Samapthi attacks with his laser-eye even mountains bend, and your stone castles can’t keep you safe.

    Rarity - ultra epic
    Rasa - 4
    Type - troop
    Target - air and ground

    Unlocked in stadium 5

  3. Kinnara

  4. She is beautiful yet wild, she is powerful yet untamed. Kinnara seeks to complete her destiny by destroying her enemies completely.

    Rarity - ultra epic
    Rasa - 4
    Type - troop
    Target - Buildings

    Unlocked in stadium 5

  5. Dragonfly

  6. Swarm of agile dragonflies, they will flutter their way in your territory and blind you with their poisonous venom.

    Rarity - common
    Rasa - 2
    Type - troop
    Target - air and ground

    Unlocked in stadium 5

  7. Darkstone

  8. You don’t want to come near this beautiful stone. Its dark energy comes straight from hell which will burn everyone to ashes.

    Rarity - epic
    Rasa - 5
    Type- building
    Target - air and ground

    Unlocked in stadium 4

  9. Toph

  10. When your ear drums will burst with the sound of ‘BOOM’ know that Toph has been pointed towards you. Fueled with gun powder it will explode your entire infantry.

    Rarity - common
    Rasa - 3
    Type - building
    Target - ground

    Unlocked in stadium 4

So why wait longer? It’s time to battle like a regal strategist and smash your way towards victory with new features and cards to choose from.

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