Epiko Regal is a blockchain and gaming-based project developed by Wharf Street Studios. It aims to introduce Games, NFTs and Metaverse to create a first-generation platform offering Indian mythological characters and stories to the world. Here, players have access to ancient Indian characters in the form of cinematic comics, games, and augmented reality collectibles. This concept is complemented by the Epiko Metaverse and Marketplace, allowing the community to benefit from a complete ecosystem
Digital Toys allows users to experience characters in a real-time environment with Augmented Reality and provide additional features like narrating their story, attacking, running and capturing
Kathika is a series of digital motion comics to experience the world of legends, their stories, power, and mysteries which is definitely worth a shot! The concept of a sci-fi universe and its secrets can connect you to a destiny awaited by warriors. This enticing digital motion comic series is truly an epic blend of morals, entertainment, and emotions to witness and enjoy.
Crackers are earned from winning battles in the game, there are several types of crackers that can be earned but have different rarities and chances of winning from victories with Fire cracker being the most common drop and Rocker and Metal Bomb being some of the rarest cracker drops. Player can have maximum 4 crackers at a time You can also only unlock one cracker at a time. Total there are 5 Types of Crackers:

  • Firecracker
  • Dynamite
  • Bomb
  • Rocket
  • Metal Bomb

  • You can also buy these crackers from the game shop using Gems which you can open instantly.
    Rasa is what powers your cards in Epiko Regal gameplay. Rasa regenerates with time in a battle after you have used some of it and you can regenerate up to a max of 10 rasa at a time in a battle. Each card has certain rasa deployment costs. Tip: You will want a good balanced deck with a mixture of low and medium rasa costing cards with a couple of higher costing ones, if you only use mostly high costing cards in a Battle Deck you may end up getting overwhelmed by your opponent as you will struggle to deploy cards on the battle field at a consistent rate.
    Gold is obtained from crackers that you open, from donating cards in Kingdom, from daily login and completing each quest log, using Redeem code that user get when they buy NFT and of course from winning battles or also from buying them with Gems in the in-app shop. They are used for upgrading your cards to make them more powerful and better in battles. Gold can also be used to buy new cards that you do not yet have or to buy card upgrade points for already existing cards you have in the in-game shop. Gold is also needed to create your own kingdom within the game. You can hold a max of 1,000,000 gold. Gold is also used to buy from the store, Kathika Comics chapters, and Digital Toys. You can also earn small amounts of gold for free from watching ads within the app.

    Here is the gold reward logic in each stadium.
    Gems are more premium within the game. You can obtain them from crackers opening, daily login from quest and completing other quests as well and it can also be purchased from the in-app shop using real money through micro-transactions. User also get Gems from redeem code they get when they buy Epiko Regal NFT. These Gems are used to buy Gold, and Crackers from the in-app shop and to open crackers instantly. You can also earn small amounts of gems for free from watching ads within the app.
    You go through different stadium as you progress through the game starting in the Training camp (Stadium 1) and will progress to higher up stadium's by gaining certain cups. Each Stadium will enable you to unlock new cards within the game through crackers opening or enable you to buy them if they pop up in the in-app shop. Of course the higher the Stadium you are in the more higher level and more skilled players you will come across. Each higher up stadium also gives better tier crackers of each type. If you lose cups in a battle below the stadium required cups limit you will be transferred back to that stadium according to your cup range.

    Here are the current Stadium types...

  • Stadium 1 – Training Camp – 0 Cups
  • Stadium 2 – Forest Field – 200 Cups
  • Stadium 3 – Jatayu Field – 500 Cups
  • Stadium 4 – Spooky Ground – 800 Cups
  • Stadium 5 – Strategy Pit – 1200 Cups
  • Stadium 6 – Space Stadium – 1600 Cups
  • Stadium 7 – Island Shore – 2000 Cups
  • Stadium 8 – Mountain Pit – 2500 Cups
  • Stadium 9 – Fire Stadium – 3000 Cups
  • Stadium 10 – Kushti Pit – 3500 Cups
  • Stadium 11 – Frozen Island – 4000 Cups
  • Stadium 12— Kurukshetra Stadium – 4800 Cups
  • You should ALWAYS Login to not permanently lose your game data and being able to restore it to its full glory. You can connect your account to a Game Center or your Google Play account.

    If you haven't created a Game Center account yet, please do so. It's very easy: just locate Game Center app on your device, log in (or create an account) and then launch Epiko Regal and tap Login Gamecenter.

    This is important if you are going to get yourself a new device, since Epiko Regal will link to your Game Center account!
    If you lost your account data for some reason, there's a chance that you can restore it yourself. However, if you DID NOT CONNECT YOUR EPIKO REGAL ACCOUNT TO GAME CENTER OR GOOGLE PLAY then there is no way to restore it. If you did, please try these steps:

  • Log out from Google Play and Game Center from your device.
  • Delete Epiko Regal app and Re-install it from App Store or Play Store.
  • Launch the app again.
  • Log in to your previous Game Center or Google Play account (which you used when you played before on old device or pre-restore).

  • If this doesn't help, please use the in-app Support and raise an Issue (App Settings → Support) to contact our support, or email them at admin@epikoregal.comso that we can look into it. You can also raise the issue on ourDiscord server
    Epiko Regal users get Redeem code when they buy Epiko Regal unique NFTs. You will find this feature in Settings → Redeem code. Once you click Redeem code it will take you to a screen to enter the code. There are 4 Rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, and Ultraepic) and each type of Rarity’s NFT gives access to a code which opens up different Mystery stones in the app, full of exciting rewards depending upon their rarity. Being Gems, Gold, Digital collectibles, Chapters of Kathika comics and more.
    You can change your username, to make sure you can enjoy your game with a handle that you like. Whereas Player Id is Unique Id of each Epiko Regal account that can’t be changed. You can find your Player Id in Epiko Regal app → Settings.
    Players can earn up to 20 gems, and 2000 gold by watching free ads.
    Starting from April 2022 as Season 1. Beginning of every month is New Epiko Regal League Season. Every season player’s cups will be reduced on the first day at 12 am IST. This system is set to make it more fun and challenging for all the players. At the end of each season, players in a League will lose a certain percentage of their Cups depending on which Rank they fall in. Below are the Details of the new system of Cups Reduction for each player at different ranks.
    Quests are challenges that you can complete and claim gems and gold. Each quest has set rewards you will get after completion. There are 6 different types of quests in the game.

  • Daily Login – 2 Gems and 100 Gold
  • Play 100 Battles – 10 Gems and 150 Gold
  • Unlock Kathika 2nd Chapter – 10 Gems and 150 Gold
  • Create Kingdom – 15 Gems and 250 Gold
  • Reach Stadium Level 5 – 10 Gems and 100 Gold
  • Buy Digital Toys – 10 Gems and 150 Gold
  • Each player build their own battle deck to use in a battle with another opponent and their assembled Battle Deck. You can build it in the collection option on the main Epiko Regal screen, in that screen it will show all cards you have unlocked, it is where you upgrade cards and assemble your Battle Deck and it shows all the cards you still have to unlock. You can create up to Four Battle Decks and each Battle Deck can hold eight cards of your choice.
    Cards are used to deploy troops, spells, weapons, and buildings onto the stadium, which cards costs Rasa that you gradually gain during your battle. Cards are primarily obtained through buying them with Gold or Gems in the shop, or through finding them in crackers.
    Kingdom members can request cards once every 8 hours and members can donate up to 10 cards at once to you.
    As of May 2022, there are 33 cards in the game, coming in five rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Ultraepic.
    On Epiko Regal main screen you can find invite option to send battle invite to anyone in a 1v1 battle to win crackers.
    Tap the Kingdom Tab on the main screen and you will see on the upper right part of the screen and the option to Create your own kingdom or Search for an existing kingdoms list to join from. Creating a kingdom costs 500 Gold.

    If you can't find the kingdom, you're looking for with a regular search with the kingdom name or try using the advanced search function to narrow down results according to Kingdom Type, kingdom warriors and required details.
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